duminică, 12 august 2012

Free Clothes!

-If you are from UK - Log in, Go HERE and Send an e-mail there
-If you're not from UK - Follow these steps:
1)Go to a UK proxy like
ccgi.goochy.plus.com OR prox.nu/ OR webproxyer.com/ OR docoja.com/blue 
2)Paste this link in the URL/Address bar on the proxysite
3)Click Go or Press Enter button on your keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Fill the form with any letters and made-up e-mail, my example:

6)Then Click 'Send e-card' button
There will appear "You successfully sent the Pro Microphone E-card to " text
7)Leave the proxy and Go to Stardoll as usual
5 items should be in ProMicrophone bags in you suite

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